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 How to use the Transmission Flusher

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How to use the Transmission Flusher Empty
PostSubject: How to use the Transmission Flusher   How to use the Transmission Flusher EmptyTue Apr 19, 2016 10:22 am

Transmission Flusher Instructions

1) Connect Black hose from pump to cooler return hose.
2) Connect the other Black hose to the cooler input and the other end goes into the bucket.
3) The Clear hose is the supply line and stays in the bucket.
4) Fill the bucket with clean transmission fluid half full.
5) Turn on pump and run for ½ hour.
6) Make sure that fluid is returning to bucket. If it is not the cooler is plugged and will need to be replaced.
7) Reverse the Black hoses and run again for ½ hour.
Cool After 1 hour of total flushing you are finished. Shut off the pump and remove the hoses.
9) Install your transmission.
10) Replace filter on flusher every flush.
11) Part number HF6057
12) Use ½ pipe for AT545 and use other fittings for 2000 Trans. Other adapters for smaller transmissions see Tim from Kimball Midwest.
13) Any questions call Don Bannerman 708-757-3010

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How to use the Transmission Flusher
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